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Hi, my name is Jamie Newman. I made a career out of helping companies hire people. Then, after 8 years, I decided to walk away from my corporate job to do something a little different. Instead of helping companies hire people, now I help managers lead people. Of course, as you well know, leadership is more than just making great hiring decisions… so I knew I’d need some help. That’s where this podcast comes in. On the Your Best Manager podcast, I get to interview and learn from some of the top minds in leadership and people development (Marshall Goldsmith, Lolly Daskal, and Barry Posner to name a few). And that’s not all! You see, the best part of all this is that you get to learn with me!
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Mar 31, 2017

I've got a special announcement today that visual learners are going to love!

Yes, it's true. Your Best Manager TV is launching soon on YouTube and you get a sneak peak of Episode 1 on today's podcast.

I wanted to take some of the great content covered on the Your Best Manager podcast and make it more accessible, more consumable, and more shareable.

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Show Notes:

Mar 29, 2017

In this episode, John Berling Hardy talks about the Circle Square Pattern and the opportunities for innovation and culture change that come from identifying and leveraging “The Outsiders” within your organization.

Show Notes:

Mar 27, 2017

We're talking today about when to hire. How to make the decision to hire someone and what to do before you even think of posting a job ad or clearing your schedule for interviews. It’s not as sexy as recruiting and hiring, but if you are someone who loves planning… well, maybe this is even sexier than recruiting, who knows!?

Show Notes:

Here’s the thing. Hiring someone isn’t cheap, it isn’t easy, and it doesn’t always make your problems go away.

But when your team is falling behind and when opportunities seem just out of reach, hiring someone can seem like a quick fix and just the thing you need!

As a manager, though, it’s not just your job to manage the people you have. It’s also your job to make good decisions about when, how, and who to bring onto your team.

So to help you with this decision-making process, I’m going to present 10 questions that you should ask before you make the decision to bring on a new employee.

These are the questions that the best managers answer before they even think about their recruiting strategy. These are the questions that when they aren’t answered lead to SO MUCH wasted time and sometimes… well, often, wasted money. You miss these questions, you could actually hurt your business and your team.

Here are the questions:

  1. What’s the business problem?
  2. What happens if this business problem is not addressed?
  3. Am I getting the most out of my team?
  4. What would I do if I couldn’t hire someone new?
  5. If I already had the person I want, what would they be doing right now?
  6. Who will train this person?
  7. How long can I wait?
  8. How much will this cost?
  9. What options do I have internally?
  10. What options do I have externally?

Download this list as a PDF checklist with space for notes!

Mar 24, 2017

"The future of work is about people. It's about the experiences that your people have and how to create an organization where the best people want to show up and give their all." - Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and futurist who explores what the future of work is going to look like and how to create great experiences so that employees actually want to show up to work. He’s written three best-selling books which are The Collaborative Organization, The Future of Work, and most recently, The Employee Experience Advantage. In addition to speaking, Jacob frequently contributes to media and business publications such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, CNN and many others. And his work has been endorsed by the CEOs of Cisco, T-Mobil, Best-Buy, Schneider Electric, SAP, Nestle, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, KPMG, Whirlpool, among others.  

Show Notes:

Mar 22, 2017

Valerie Squires is a Certified Credit Professional, Credit and Collections Supervisor at RGO Office Products in Calgary, Alberta, and former Mayor of the Town of Irricana, Alberta. Valerie is also a Chartered Manager and the President of the Canadian Institute of Management, Southern Alberta Chapter, which is Canada’s senior management association, established in 1942 and dedicated to enhancing managerial skills and professional development.

Show Notes:

Mar 20, 2017

If your number one responsibility as a manager is to produce results... how do you actually do this?

Well, the answer is to strike a balance between driving those results and taking care of your people... but how do you actually do that?

In this episode, I explain how to provide shoulder-to-shoulder leadership and how managing from the front-lines and working side by side with your employees allows you to more effectively communicate and build quality relationships at the same time!

The Main Thing: Gain clarity on what’s expected and strike a balance between driving results and caring for people by working shoulder-to-shoulder, which allows you to communicate what’s expected, reinforce positive behavior, correct wrong behavior, and work in a space that allows you to be a more human leader! One that isn’t afraid to make mistakes and one whose vulnerability and authenticity leads to quality relationships… relationships that lead to increased employee engagement, productivity, and go figure… results.

Show Notes:


Mar 17, 2017

PART 2 Highlighting the Top 10 moments from the first 50 episodes of the Your Best manager Podcast, including Andrew Sherman, Howard Behar, Terry Starbucker St. Marie, Tanveer Naseer and Dov Baron

Show Notes:

Welcome back and welcome to Part 2 of this EPIC countdown show where I've been highlighting the top 10 moments of the Your Best Manager podcast and celebrating 50 episodes of the show.

Now, I have to admit, when I decided to put this type of a recap show together I thought it might come across as maybe a cop-out or content-filler on the podcast... something easy so that I wouldn't have to work as hard as I normally do to put these shows together.

Well, I'm happy that I didn't listen to that negative voice in my head because not only has it been such a pleasure to go back through the... I don't know, 25 hours of content from the last 4 months, and listen again to some of the great advice and inspiring stories that have been shared here, but it's also been a ton of work.

This was not a week off. Not by a long shot. If it weren't for the timestamp show notes that I put together each time I publish a new interview, well, you certainly wouldn't be listening to this right now, that's for sure.

So, I hope that you enjoyed Episode 50, and if you didn't catch episode 50... you should do that. This is a countdown and if you missed the first part, well, it's like walking in on a conversation without the context! Plus, last week I also counted down the top 10 most downloaded episodes to date, which was cool.

And we are in the middle of the Top 10 Best Leadership Moments right now, and I did 10 through 6 last time... and... yeah, make sure you listen to episode 50... if you haven't.

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Mar 15, 2017

It’s Episode 50!

Can you believe it! It has been just 114 days since the Your Best Manager podcast launched but those 114 days have been jam-packed with so much good stuff… and I’ve got to say, I am so grateful, every day, for the opportunity I have (and have had) to connect with so many amazing people. 

That includes the great guests who lend their expertise to this show but also you, the listener who joins me for each episode as we learn together and grow into more effective leaders (and hopefully better people).

Show Notes:

I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect a bit on the past 50 shows, celebrate some of the best moments from this podcast and really just get super pumped up for what’s going to be coming up on the next 50 shows!

So what I’ve done is put together is an EPIC highlight reel /Recap / Top 10-style presentation... thing! 

PLUS, at the end of the show, I’ve got a really cool opportunity I want to give you. It's something free, something exclusive, something you are going to want to take advantage of…. BUT… there is a problem here. 

I couldn’t get all the content I wanted to share down to 30 minutes… so… you’ll have to wait for the super cool free offer/opportunity thing until Friday (Episode 51) because I’ve split up this EPIC show into two episodes!

Maybe that’s breaking the rules and maybe that’s me being a bit of a jerk by telling you something really cool is coming and then saying that you have to wait and find out, but, too bad - you’ll get over it.

And on that note, let’s kick this thing off!

We are going to start by celebrating the top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of the Your Best Manager Podcast

Here we go!

Number 10 – Leadership is a Choice You Make to Serve Others, with Peter Docker

Number 9 – Welcome to the Employee Disengagement Party, with Andrew Sherman

Number 8 – “There’s Spinach In Your Teeth” – Kind Leadership with Cassie Whitlock

Number 7 – Servant Leadership is NOT Soft, with Mark Deterding

Number 6 – Uncover Your Leadership Potential in 5 Days, Lesson One

Number 5 – Give Feedback, Grow Your Career, and Be Awesome with Pete Mockaitis

Number 4 – Teach People How to Help You, with Dave Stachowiak

Number 3 – Wait a minute, people at Google are really smart, with Mike Figliuolo

Number 2 – Become a Better Leader by Becoming a Better Person, with Victor Prince

Number 1 – Grow Your People and Help Them Get to The Next Level, with Nicole Thomsen

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Mar 13, 2017

While it sounds really nice to say that your people are your number one responsibility... it's actually not true. Now, before you shoot me, I do believe that your people are extremely important! In fact, without taking good care of your people, it's going to be very difficult to build a successful career or business. But they are not your number one responsibility. In fact, if you cannot fulfill your number one responsibility than you can't take care of your people.

In today's show, I'll explain what your REAL number one responsibility is. I'll also share with you why I don't fully agree with Simon Sinek, and I'll tell you why I believe it's advantageous to be an entrepreneur... or at least act like one.

Show Notes:

Mar 10, 2017

Cassie Whitlock is the Director of Human Resources at BambooHR, which is the No. 1 online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. She has a Master’s degree in Human Resources and a BS in Business Management with an Accounting emphasis. Having worked with accounting and HR teams, she understands the importance of aligning HR priorities with business objectives. She is passionate about developing individual talent and creating productive teams. Cassie loves to spend time with her family and is a proud mother of two children and one great son-in-law.

Show Notes:

Mar 8, 2017

Jason Kveton has been in the restaurant business for about 25 years and is currently the Owner and Director of Success for 3 Culver’s Restaurants. He, of course, recognizes that in order to have a successful restaurant, you need to provide good food, but Jason believes that it’s really all about the people - his team members and his customers. Jason is passionate about leadership and people development and has recently started an online business called “Culture Cards” which are small handwritten thank you notes based on five “Serve” core values that help the team building process: Serve, Enthusiasm, Respect, Vision, and Excellence.

Show Notes:

Mar 6, 2017

At first, I was tempted to title today's episode "Monday Morning Motivation" but I thought that might be a little too cliche and to be honest, I associate that phrase with temporary talk about "believing in yourself" which feels good for a couple of days and then wears off.

On today's show:

  • I introduce a new podcast series that's kicking off next week
  • I tell some listeners to get lost (maybe I shouldn't have said that)
  • I explain how to answer three important questions


Show Notes:


You know, one thing I've discovered recently is that it doesn't matter what time I set my alarm for, I don't enjoy getting out of bed each morning.

5 AM, 7 AM, 10:30 AM...

If my alarm is what's waking me up, I'm not happy.

Maybe this means that I need to get one of those fancy alarm clocks that slowly brighten your room while birds chirp to signal that it's time to seize the day.

Regardless, I know a few things that are true.

My bed is warmer than the air outside of my sheets, my sleep has been interrupted, and I get up every day, no matter what (eventually).

And really, there are only two reasons why I get out of bed... and they are the same reasons why you get out of bed.


It's that simple.

You and I get up each morning because we are either afraid of what will happen if we don't... or we understand what good things are in store if we do.

But of course this begs the question, why do you get out of bed each morning? Is it because of fear or reward?

I'd like to challenge you this week to think about that question, and hopefully encourage you to take the offense versus defense. You see, fear produces defensive actions and reward produces offensive actions.

As leaders, if we want to have the greatest impact on the people we serve each day, we need to be on the offense. We need to be intentional, strategic, seeking, learning, growing, producing... not defending, reacting, deflecting, or simply just dealing with our circumstances.

And yes, every winning team needs both offense and defense in order to succeed, but a successful defense is prepared, practiced, and intentional... pursuing reward versus responding to fear.

Your Monday Morning Management Tip:

Answer these three questions and then attack your Monday and lead your team with purpose!

1. What do you want?

2. What's in your way?

3. What are you going to do about it?

Mar 3, 2017

Born and bred in Calgary, Alberta, Shawn Freeman is the founder of TWT Group. After completing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Calgary and a Masters degree in Management Science, Shawn worked in IT for several big companies before leaping off the corporate ladder in 2011 to start his own shop.

He founded TWT Group with the goal of making IT easy instead of infuriating. He generously lends his IT skills to several Calgary non-profit organizations, including Youth Central in the Kahanoff Conference Centre.

Shawn is also a thought leader and has contributed about technology and entrepreneurship to major global publications including The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc., Notable, and Forbes.

Show Notes:

Mar 1, 2017

Mark Deterding is the President & CEO of Triune Leadership Services and has built a reputation as a trusted expert in Servant Leadership. He has successfully led many companies and teams through culture change as the leader of the organization. Mark now has a successful practice that develops cultures of Servant Leadership within organizations and provides coaching to executives and emerging leaders. He is also the author of Leading Jesus’ Way: Become The Servant Leader God Created You To Be. Mark brings an effective blend of actionable process, proven tools and expertise in guiding leaders to implement a culture of Servant Leadership.

Show Notes: