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Hi, my name is Jamie Newman. I made a career out of helping companies hire people. Then, after 8 years, I decided to walk away from my corporate job to do something a little different. Instead of helping companies hire people, now I help managers lead people. Of course, as you well know, leadership is more than just making great hiring decisions… so I knew I’d need some help. That’s where this podcast comes in. On the Your Best Manager podcast, I get to interview and learn from some of the top minds in leadership and people development (Marshall Goldsmith, Lolly Daskal, and Barry Posner to name a few). And that’s not all! You see, the best part of all this is that you get to learn with me!
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Jun 28, 2017

The last fireside chat was back in February for Episode 43. A lot has happened since then, but as the Your Best Manager podcast approaches episode 100 (next Friday), I thought it was time to evaluate some things in my business, make a few pivots, and share those changes and updates with you, the listener.

Now, this conversation is intended for those of you who have been listening for a while. For the subscribers, the members of my private Facebook group, the ones who get my email updates... the ones who have been with me and stuck with me as this thing has continued to grow over the past few months.

So first of all, to you... Thank You.

Of course, if this is the first episode you come across or if you've only listened to a couple shows, you are welcome to grab a seat by the fire as well, but just understand that some of the things I share may not resonate with you so much as with others.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy today's episode.

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