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Hi, my name is Jamie Newman. I made a career out of helping companies hire people. Then, after 8 years, I decided to walk away from my corporate job to do something a little different. Instead of helping companies hire people, now I help managers lead people. Of course, as you well know, leadership is more than just making great hiring decisions… so I knew I’d need some help. That’s where this podcast comes in. On the Your Best Manager podcast, I get to interview and learn from some of the top minds in leadership and people development (Marshall Goldsmith, Lolly Daskal, and Barry Posner to name a few). And that’s not all! You see, the best part of all this is that you get to learn with me!
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Jun 26, 2017

Well worth the listen and definitely worth checking out the show notes!

Show Notes:

During today's episode, I'll give you 15 messages to communicate. Messages you should be comfortable and confident communicating to your professional network, to your employees, and to your boss.

And sure, they sound like really good ideas. But good ideas that are never implemented are useless ideas.

So the real question today is, what will hold you back from communicating these messages?

Well, if you don’t care about your career enough or your people enough, that would be one thing, but more realistically, maybe you aren’t a very good communicator.

I don’t mean that as a knock on you, but communication skills aren’t valuable because everyone has them, they are valuable because great communicators are rare.

So what’s the difference between great communicators and poor communicators?


It’s not vocabulary or personality type or typing skills or anything like that. Those things help you write books and articles and maybe win some awards if you’re good enough, but when it comes to business communication, what we are talking about today, it’s about figuring out your message and then helping people to understand it.

So I’m not going to recommend that you implement everything I’ve taught you today. That’ would probably be overwhelming.

I am going to recommend you start with one habit, one thing that you can do every week to practice being an effective communicator.