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Hi, my name is Jamie Newman. I made a career out of helping companies hire people. Then, after 8 years, I decided to walk away from my corporate job to do something a little different. Instead of helping companies hire people, now I help managers lead people. Of course, as you well know, leadership is more than just making great hiring decisions… so I knew I’d need some help. That’s where this podcast comes in. On the Your Best Manager podcast, I get to interview and learn from some of the top minds in leadership and people development (Marshall Goldsmith, Lolly Daskal, and Barry Posner to name a few). And that’s not all! You see, the best part of all this is that you get to learn with me!
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May 31, 2017

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

And it is actually Wednesday, May 31st 2017 when I am recording this, and this episode is being released Wednesday May 31st 2017, which means I am recording this show extremely last minute.

But that’s partly by design, because I’ve got an exciting announcement to make and I wanted to make sure that it was actually ready before I put this show together!

Although to be honest, it would have been really nice if everything was ready about 8 hours ago.

Regardless, welcome to another episode of the Your Best Manager podcast!

I’m hijacking my own show today with a very short message instead of a leadership expert interview because I’m going to ask you to do something for me today and I didn’t want anything else to compete with this message.

And I’d like you to take action on what I am about to say, right now.

I’ve only mentioned this a few times on the podcast, but tomorrow is the official launch of the “What If” Project.

I’d like you to join me for it.

So click this link right now --> Join the "What If" Project: 30 Days. 30 Leadership Tips. 30 Opportunities.

You can watch a video there, enter your name and email address, and that’s it. You are done!

And while you are doing that, I’ll explain exactly what the “What If?” project actually is.

Essentially, it’s 30 days of free leadership development training.

Because the concept is… well, what if?

What if managers did just ONE thing, Every Day, to become a different kind of manager? Like, what if all it took to become a better leader was to do just one small thing, each and every day?

I can do one small thing every day. Everyone can do one small thing.

Big change can be daunting, but big change often happens through the snowball effective of small changes, of tiny little steps, over time.

So what I am doing is I am going to be sharing 30 leadership tips over 30 days. And these 30 leadership tips are primarily based off of conversations I’ve had with other leadership experts on this show.

And once you sign-up for the What If project, through this link --> Join the "What If" Project: 30 Days. 30 Leadership Tips. 30 Opportunities.

...You will get access to all of these 30 tips, which I’ll be delivering through short, 5-minute-ish, live videos, every day!

And, if you don’t use Facebook, don’t worry.

Although I’ll be doing these videos through Facebook live, I’ll also be emailing out the tip of the day, every day, and posting the video replays on my website afterward so that you don’t miss a thing.

Also, I am going to be hosting 4, 30-minute webinars through the course of the month on 4 topics, including performance management, employee engagement, recruiting and retention, and time management.

And even if you aren’t actually listening to this podcast episode on Wednesday May 31st… so even if it’s June 27th when you are listening to this episode, you can still sign-up, right now, and access everything.


There is a reward for those of you who sign-up earlier… like, the sooner, the better the reward… but I can’t tell you what that reward is, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Alright, so again… click this link (Join the "What If" Project) to sign up, join me every day for 30 days as I share some of the 30 best leadership tips I know (tips that are backed up by some of the incredible guests I’ve had on this show), and let’s get this snowball of leadership change rolling!

I can’t wait.