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Aug 7, 2017

This is a bonus episode in between Season 1 & Season 2 of the Your Best Manager podcast.

Season 2 is Scheduled for Launch August 21

In this interview with Barry Posner, co-author along with Jim Kouzes of The Leadership Challenge, you will learn why leadership development can sometimes feel really difficult and what it takes to be patient, to listen, and to lean in.

So join me as we dive back into episode 14 of the Your Best Manager podcast, with Leadership Expert and Author, Barry Posner.

Leadership is a Relationship, So Who Are You?

Show Notes:

Jul 24, 2017

This is a bonus episode in between Season 1 & Season 2 of the Your Best Manager podcast.

During this conversation, you’ll learn what it means to be a more human leader and specifically, you’ll hear a story that Terry 'Starbucker' St. Marie shares where we went into lead a company that had been previously run by poor management, which hurt the culture and created a very low trust environment, in terms of how the front-line employees looked at leadership. And finally, you will learn the 7 most important words you could ever say.

Show Notes:

Jul 10, 2017

This 100th episode brings Season #1 of the Your Best Manager podcast to a close and during the show, I discuss:

  • When Season #2 will start and what to expect
  • I offer a preview of two exciting upcoming guests
  • I discuss some of the changes coming to the format of the Your Best Manager podcast
  • I share an exciting new opportunity for leadership coaching and development

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To find out when the next live training on 'POSITIONING' is and to learn more about 'DIFFERENT', visit

Jul 7, 2017

R. Shawn McBride is an authority helping successful business owners build companies that stand the test of time. He's a TEDx speaker, author of Business Blunders! and a frequent conference speaker on making business dreams come true and he's a frequent online contributor of videos and content on planning. Currently Shawn is working on his 50 State Tour of Business where he is traveling to all 50 States and interviewing businesses to learn what is great about American business today.  He is also defending the role of women in business in response to his TEDx talk on the same topic.

Show Notes:

Jul 5, 2017

It's true, nobody likes the micromanagement of intense performance metrics. And talking about numbers and data isn't really the most exciting thing in the world.

But it's not about the numbers, it's about taking your people to a better place.

Toward the end of the show, you'll get 3 very specific action items you can (and should) take with your team when it comes to performance.

Show Notes:


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Jul 3, 2017

There are so many things to celebrate and be grateful for, but are our countries doomed by pessimism, complaining, and a desire for our leaders to fail?

On today's show, I share 5 points about leadership, responsibility, attitude, and action.

1. Our Perspectives Are Limited

2. Be Careful What You Wish For

3. The Best Case Scenario Is Change (But Perhaps Not What You Think)

4. The Bad Leader Could Be You

5. What Are You Going To Do About It?

To read the transcript and grab the show notes, visit

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Jun 30, 2017

Scott Love shows managers how to be the boss nobody will leave.  With over 20 years of empirical research, he gives managers tactical ideas to lead in a way that increases employee retention, reduces turnover, and attracts high achievers.  He is a successful entrepreneur, professional keynote speaker, the author of  Why They Follow, and is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Show Notes:

Jun 28, 2017

The last fireside chat was back in February for Episode 43. A lot has happened since then, but as the Your Best Manager podcast approaches episode 100 (next Friday), I thought it was time to evaluate some things in my business, make a few pivots, and share those changes and updates with you, the listener.

Now, this conversation is intended for those of you who have been listening for a while. For the subscribers, the members of my private Facebook group, the ones who get my email updates... the ones who have been with me and stuck with me as this thing has continued to grow over the past few months.

So first of all, to you... Thank You.

Of course, if this is the first episode you come across or if you've only listened to a couple shows, you are welcome to grab a seat by the fire as well, but just understand that some of the things I share may not resonate with you so much as with others.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy today's episode.

You can visit the show notes page at, but to make things easier, I've got 3 easy links below:

The Next Free Training Class:

The Private Facebook Group:

The "What If" Project:

Jun 26, 2017

Well worth the listen and definitely worth checking out the show notes!

Show Notes:

During today's episode, I'll give you 15 messages to communicate. Messages you should be comfortable and confident communicating to your professional network, to your employees, and to your boss.

And sure, they sound like really good ideas. But good ideas that are never implemented are useless ideas.

So the real question today is, what will hold you back from communicating these messages?

Well, if you don’t care about your career enough or your people enough, that would be one thing, but more realistically, maybe you aren’t a very good communicator.

I don’t mean that as a knock on you, but communication skills aren’t valuable because everyone has them, they are valuable because great communicators are rare.

So what’s the difference between great communicators and poor communicators?


It’s not vocabulary or personality type or typing skills or anything like that. Those things help you write books and articles and maybe win some awards if you’re good enough, but when it comes to business communication, what we are talking about today, it’s about figuring out your message and then helping people to understand it.

So I’m not going to recommend that you implement everything I’ve taught you today. That’ would probably be overwhelming.

I am going to recommend you start with one habit, one thing that you can do every week to practice being an effective communicator.

Jun 23, 2017

On today's show, I chat with Andreas about what it truly means to care for your people.

Andreas Jones is a Leadership and Business Consultant, Coach and Advisor at where he works with business owners and leaders to help them implement profitable habits, systems and processes to grow their business without stress, overwhelm and burnout. Andreas is also an award winning bestselling author, business growth strategist, leadership consultant, and columnist at Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post, CEO World Magazine, and

Show Notes:

Jun 21, 2017

On today's show, Dr. Matthew Jelavic talks about CIM Chartered Managers Canada and we dive into the importance of mentorship, and the difference between managers and leaders... and whether or not it even matters.

Dr. Matthew Jelavic is the National President & CEO and the Chair of the National Board of Directors and Executive Committee for Chartered Managers Canada, where he provides overall governance and strategic leadership within Canada’s leading chartered professional management institute, certifying body, and academic program accrediting body. CIM Chartered Managers Canada was founded in 1942 and has graduated and certified over 80,000 managers. Matthew is also a Licensed Professional Engineer, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Show Notes:

Jun 19, 2017

The Productivity Solution: If I told you I had the answer to how managers and their teams can get more done in less time, would you believe me?

Show Notes:

Alright, so this is probably the single biggest challenge that holds back managers from reaching their potential and I have absolutely no idea why it’s taken me 90 episodes to talk about it.

But here I am today and I’m going to talk about it, but I’m actually not going to solve it right now. While I’ll tell you the solution, I don’t have time right now to dive into exactly how to solve it, because this topic is just way too important to just scratch the surface, so I’d rather go in depth another time.

I'm talking about time management and productivity.

Go into any office. Go onto any production floor. Hop into any retail establishment. Walk onto any construction site. And speak with any manager. It’s the same complaint.

I could be a better leader. I could get more done. I could have a more significant impact. I could turn things around. I could achieve me goals.

If only.

If only I had more time.


Jun 14, 2017

Dr. Hans Finzel is a successful author, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. For 20 years he led international non-profit World Venture, serving in over 65 countries. Hans speaks and writes on practical leadership principles from the real world, not the classroom. He has written ten books, including his bestseller “The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make”. And Hans has just released his 10th book, “The Top Ten Ways to Be A Great Leader” and his books have been translated into over twenty foreign languages. Today he serves as President of HD Leaders.

Show Notes:

Jun 12, 2017

Free Webinar on Thursday June 15th - We Do Employee Engagement Different.

Register Here -->

Show Notes:

Jun 9, 2017

Hi this is Jamie Newman here and you are listening to a special bonus clip from my interview with Jason Treu from Episode 87 of the Your Best Manager podcast. Every now and again, after the show has finished, a great conversation continues and in this case, I just had to share it. 

On the podcast itself, we talked a lot about self-development and how if you want to change, if you want to be different, well, that change is only going to happen if you are in massive pain or you have a massive compelling reason to do whatever it takes to make that change.

The pain part is kind of obvious, but the compelling reason can be a little more difficult to define, so I’ll say this really quick: Simply being better isn’t enough. You are a leader and you have a responsibility to contribute - a responsibility to make the lives of the people you engage with and interact with better.

And in the spirit of the “What If” project I’ve been running through the month of June here, what if? What if change happened? What could you accomplish if you were more influential or if you were able to help more people reach their potential? What kind of an impact could you have on other people if you were just given the opportunity? That, right there, can be your compelling reason… because what if nothing changes?

I mentioned this on the podcast as well, but what if you aren’t a memorable manager? What if you make no impact because you don’t change?

You have tremendous opportunity, regardless of what title or position you hold. I say this every now and again but I know this is true because you are listening to a leadership podcsat and even beyond this, you are listening to a bonus clip.

You have potential, you have opportunity, and in your head, you know that you need to improve and grow and develop so that you can reach that potential and increase your contribution through your work, through your business, through your career, through every aspect of your influence.

But having the desire isn’t enough, sometimes we need to take action.

That’s where this bonus clip comes in because Jason Treu lays out a very simple, yet highly effective action you can take immediately to start making those changes a reality.

Here we go…

Jun 9, 2017

I'm not sure how we fit so much great content on building relationships, networking, leading, personal development, and igniting change... into just one episode, but we did!

Jason Treu is a top business and executive coach who simplifies business problems and guides business leaders to previously unimagined accomplishments. He helps them find the shortest, simplest path to exponential success and to become visionary leaders. That's why his clients across the world call him the "CEO's Secret Weapon". Jason also has "in the trenches experience" helping build a billion dollar company and working with many Fortune 100 companies. He's worked alongside well known CEOs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Hurd at HP, Mark Cuban, and many others. Jason has also published three books and his bestselling book, Social Wealth, the how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships that influence others, has sold more than 45,000 copies and has been #1 in four business categories.

Show Notes:

Jun 7, 2017

Jenny Blake is an author, career and business strategist and international speaker who helps people organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and build sustainable, dynamic careers they love. She is the author of PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, which recently won an award for Axiom Best Business Book in the Careers category, and Life After College. After two years at a technology start-up followed by five years at Google in Training and Career Development, Jenny moved to New York City in 2011 where she has been running her own consulting business in the years since. Jenny combines her love of technology with her superpower of simplifying complexity to help clients pivot their career or business. Her motto: if change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.

Show Notes:

Jun 5, 2017

On today's episode, I talk about how McDonald's taught me about effective coaching. 

I share a concrete definition for coaching, I talk about the differences between coaching, training, managing, and leading, then I discuss why all managers need to be good coaches and finally, I provide a couple actionable tips for how to know when to actually put on the coaching hat.

Also mentioned in this episode:

Show Notes:


Jun 2, 2017

On today's show, we talk about the impact that our actions have on the people we lead. Sometimes they are intentional, sometimes unintentional. Sometimes they are positive... and sometimes... maybe not.

Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning is well known for developing credible, respected & impactful leaders for organizations. With over 15 years experience as a leader for multi-billion dollar corporations, including the Beverly Hilton, Wynn Hotels & Disney, Betsy has been able to develop employee training programs for the Golden Globe events and Encore Beach Club, which is Steve Wynn’s $70 million dollar establishment in Las Vegas. As a leader, keynote speaker & corporate trainer, Betsy trains leaders for some of the top companies in the nation, including: Toshiba, BMW, TSA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Show Notes:

May 31, 2017

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

And it is actually Wednesday, May 31st 2017 when I am recording this, and this episode is being released Wednesday May 31st 2017, which means I am recording this show extremely last minute.

But that’s partly by design, because I’ve got an exciting announcement to make and I wanted to make sure that it was actually ready before I put this show together!

Although to be honest, it would have been really nice if everything was ready about 8 hours ago.

Regardless, welcome to another episode of the Your Best Manager podcast!

I’m hijacking my own show today with a very short message instead of a leadership expert interview because I’m going to ask you to do something for me today and I didn’t want anything else to compete with this message.

And I’d like you to take action on what I am about to say, right now.

I’ve only mentioned this a few times on the podcast, but tomorrow is the official launch of the “What If” Project.

I’d like you to join me for it.

So click this link right now --> Join the "What If" Project: 30 Days. 30 Leadership Tips. 30 Opportunities.

You can watch a video there, enter your name and email address, and that’s it. You are done!

And while you are doing that, I’ll explain exactly what the “What If?” project actually is.

Essentially, it’s 30 days of free leadership development training.

Because the concept is… well, what if?

What if managers did just ONE thing, Every Day, to become a different kind of manager? Like, what if all it took to become a better leader was to do just one small thing, each and every day?

I can do one small thing every day. Everyone can do one small thing.

Big change can be daunting, but big change often happens through the snowball effective of small changes, of tiny little steps, over time.

So what I am doing is I am going to be sharing 30 leadership tips over 30 days. And these 30 leadership tips are primarily based off of conversations I’ve had with other leadership experts on this show.

And once you sign-up for the What If project, through this link --> Join the "What If" Project: 30 Days. 30 Leadership Tips. 30 Opportunities.

...You will get access to all of these 30 tips, which I’ll be delivering through short, 5-minute-ish, live videos, every day!

And, if you don’t use Facebook, don’t worry.

Although I’ll be doing these videos through Facebook live, I’ll also be emailing out the tip of the day, every day, and posting the video replays on my website afterward so that you don’t miss a thing.

Also, I am going to be hosting 4, 30-minute webinars through the course of the month on 4 topics, including performance management, employee engagement, recruiting and retention, and time management.

And even if you aren’t actually listening to this podcast episode on Wednesday May 31st… so even if it’s June 27th when you are listening to this episode, you can still sign-up, right now, and access everything.


There is a reward for those of you who sign-up earlier… like, the sooner, the better the reward… but I can’t tell you what that reward is, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Alright, so again… click this link (Join the "What If" Project) to sign up, join me every day for 30 days as I share some of the 30 best leadership tips I know (tips that are backed up by some of the incredible guests I’ve had on this show), and let’s get this snowball of leadership change rolling!

I can’t wait.

May 29, 2017

Many managers don't think that employee training is their responsibility... that maybe it's HR's job or corporates job, or even on the employee to figure it out on their own.

Other managers recognize the responsibility they have to ensure their people are trained properly, but when it comes to actually teaching new material? Well, they aren't very good at it.

Regardless of where you fall, I'll reinforce why it's your responsibility to be an effective trainer but I'll also share with you a 4-step employee training framework that just... works!

Show Notes:

May 26, 2017

"8 years later, I welcome failure!" - Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a certified Master Resilience Trainer, and a professional Motivational & Inspirational Speaker. He enlisted in the Air Force in 2001 right after 9/11, has been deployed to multiple locations, and performed a multitude of duties all over the world. Sean spent four years as a Drill Instructor in Air Force Basic Training where he developed over 600 young men and women into military leaders. Not surprisingly, he is energetic and passionate about inspiring others to succeed. Sean’s interactive training develops the participants’ skills in the Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual domains of Resilience, and leaves people better equipped to manage change effectively.

Show Notes:

May 24, 2017

“You’re not a manager to make friends, you’re a manager to help people be their best.” - Glenn Mattson

Glenn Mattson is a seasoned veteran of the selling profession. He’s personally built one of the leading franchises for Sandler Training with his office ranking consistently in the top 1% of trainers worldwide. His niche is working with financial services producers and field managers who want to shorten their selling cycles, grow their revenues and boost their team’s productivity and margins for profit. Among Glenn’s clients are MDRT as well as Court of The Table members who attribute a great deal of their success to the principles, practices and, above all, the accountability Glenn brings to their practice. Glenn is based in Long Island, NY but he’s usually ‘in the field’, working with clients all over the US to help them grow their business, revenues, and profits.

Show Notes:

May 22, 2017

While there are 5 reasons why you don't need to have a weekly staff meeting, there are 2 reasons why you need one... but maybe not just one. Maybe two.

Sound over the top?

Perhaps, but while most weekly staff meetings lower productivity and employee engagement, my non-conventional approach to weekly staff meetings improves communication and leads to motivated teams.

Show Notes:

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